New series of books for children

Nauka Publishers is proud to announce its new series of books for children – AkademKlass (Academic Class).

AkademKlass introduces interesting and enlightening books for children and grownups which involve readers in fascinating travels in the land of science, with bright and colorful illustrations.

Designed for pre-teens and children, these books will make a wonderful reading for an adult, inspiring thirst for knowledge.

The first book in the series to see the light is Travels in the Etiquette by M.Martynova: an amusing ethnographic review about traditions and etiquette all over the world.

Next to be printed is History of Flights by V.Grumondz. Fascinating stories about flights, basic physics of flight, difficulties and new developments are covered here, accompanied by the piece of art illustrations.

Also Meet the Primeval Worlds book by S.Naugolnykh is being prepared for publishing. This is a great work on evolution suitable for children due to its fun and captivating approach. It features very detailed illustrations showing reconstructions of animals and plants of far away eras.