Nauka Publishers is Russias largest scientific publishing complex.

Nauka Publishers is the oldest scientific publishing house in the country and one of the oldest in the world. It traces its modern history to 1923. However, its historical roots go back to 1727 when the Academic Printing Shop was opened. In 1728 it brought out the first volume of the Academys official scientific organ, Commentary of the Imperial St.Petresburg Academy of Sciences and some other scientific works.

The Academys printing shop performed both printing and publishing functions for almost two centuries until 1923 when a specialized academic publishing house was set up. Thus it was the forerunner of the present-day publishing complex of the Academy.

In 1923 the publishing and printing functions were separated and the publishing house got the legal status of The Publishing House of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1925 the Publishing House of the USSR Academy of Sciences and since 1964 Nauka Publishing House).

Nauka Publishers

Naukas key asset is its authors who throughout its 300-year history have been the cream of Russian and Soviet science. In the 18th and 19th centuries they included the pride of our nation, Mikhail Lomonosov, outstanding natural scientists Leonard Eiler, Stepan Krasheninnikov, Peter Pallas, Vasily Severgin, Ivan Lepekhin, Samuil Gmelin, literary scholar and poet Vasily Tredyakovksy, historian and geographer Vasily Tatischev, journalist and scholar Feofan Prokopovich, philosopher and enlightener Antioch Kantemir and writes and poets Alexander Pushkin, Gavriil Derzhavin, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Griboyedov and others; in the 20the century it prided itself on Pafnutiy Chebyshev, Alexander Veselovsky, Fyodor Buslayev, Lev Pontriagin, Mstislav Keldysh, Sergei Korolev, Anatoly Alexandrov, Nikolai Basov, Alexander Prokhorov and other leading scientists, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences many of whom are winners of State, Demidov and Nobel Prizes and the Global Energy Prize.