About us

Nauka Publishers is the largest diversified scientific publishing holding company in Russia. It is a Federal State Unitary Enterprise


Nauka Publishing House traces its modern history to 1923. However, its historical roots go back to 1727 when the Academic Printing Shop was opened. In 1728 it brought out the first volume of the Academy’s official scientific organ, “Commentary of the Imperial St.Petresburg Academy of Sciences.”

Today Nauka is a holding specializing in the publication of scientific books and journals.

Nauka comprises three academic publishing houses (in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Novosibirsk), four printing enterprises (the same three cities plus Makhachkala) and a network of Akademkniga bookshops in major Russian regions.

Nauka is the only scientific publishing house which performs three functions: publishing, printing and distribution.

Each year Nauka produces hundreds of types and varieties of literature in all areas of knowledge. These include literary classics, monographs, serial publications, yearbooks, Proceedings of Institutions, encyclopedias, reference books, collections of papers, anthologies, etc. It also publishes science and popular science journals (it publishes 155 journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Nauka has more than 150 journal editorial offices.

Nauka Publishers has highly qualified staff whose members, in addition to their professional skills, have broad scientific erudition.