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Editorial board:

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Managing editor:

Tatyana Gennadievna Dmitrieva

Editorial address:

119019, Moskva, ul. Volhonka, 18/2

+7 (495) 695-27-35; +7 (495) 695-26-03

Journal's site:


  • ISSN (print): 0131-6117
  • Year of foundation: 1967
  • Subject: Philology
  • Editor-in-chief: akademik Vitaliy Grigorevich Kostomarov
  • Subscription index: 70788
  • Periodicity: 6
  • Russian language title: Русская речь

Presence in databases:

  • Science index


Description of the journal:

The journal covers topical problems in Russian studies, popularizes knowledge about the Russian language and seeks to promote people’s speech culture, their interest in the Russian language, Russian history and culture.