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Managing editor:

T.S. Volkova

Editorial address:

117218, ul. Krjijanovskogo, 14, korp. 2, komn. 532 i 533

+ 7 (499) 124-34-42

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  • ISSN (print): 0869-6063
  • Year of foundation: 1957
  • Subject: Archeology
  • Editor-in-chief: chl.-korr. Leonid Andreevich Belyaev
  • Impact factor (RICC): 0,406
  • Subscription index: 70822
  • Periodicity: 4
  • Russian language title: Российская археология

Presence in databases:

  • RSCI
  • ВАК
  • Science index


Description of the journal:

The publications cover a wide range of issues pertaining to culture- and ethno-genesis of the ancient and medieval population of Eurasia and the New World (paleoanthropology, paleozoology, paleoecology, etc.), the theory and practice of archeological studies, related historical and natural science disciplines (numismatics, sphragistics, paleography, epigraphics, linguistics, etc.), ancient technologies, dating, etc.