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Editorial board:

D.i.n., prof. I. F. Popova (glavnyiy redaktor), k. i. n. T. A. Pan (zamestitel glavnogo redaktora), k. f. n. S. M. Anikeeva, chl.-korr. RAN B. V. Bazarov, prof. H. Valravens (Germaniya), more details

Managing editor:

Editorial address:

191186, Sankt-Peterburg, Dvortsovaya nab., 18

+ 7 (812) 315-87-28

Journal's site:

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Description of the journal:

The journal publishes the results of research into topical problems of the study of Oriental written monuments, monuments, theoretical discussion of the problems of Oriental textology, information on academic events and the activities of RAS institutions, etc., dealing with the study of written Oriental monuments, reports on scientific conferences and modern methods of storage and description of the cultural heritage, reviews of new publications in the area coming out in Russia and abroad.