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101000, Moskva, ul. Malaya Lubyanka, 16, podyezd 3

+7 (495) 624-50-98

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  • ISSN (print): 0207-3676
  • Year of foundation: 1995
  • Subject: Economy
  • Editor-in-chief: chl.-korr. Konstantin Ivanovich Mikulskiy
  • Impact factor (RICC): 0,785
  • Subscription index: 70362
  • Periodicity: 12
  • Russian language title:

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Description of the journal:

Founded in 1965 by the Academies of Sciences of CIS countries. It is an interdisciplinary journal covering the results of research and practical problems in the sphere of economics, social relations and politics. The key topics of publications are concepts and practical experience of post-socialist transformation, modernization and transition to innovation-driven development of Russia and other CIS countries, problems and prospects of economic consolidation of EurAsEC countries. The journal also covers problems of the social and economic development of other countries.