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117312, Moskva, ul. Vavilova, 37, Institut geografii RAN

+ 7 (499) 124-73-82

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  • ISSN (print): 2076-6734
  • Year of foundation: 1961
  • Subject: Geography
  • ISSN (online): 2412-3765
  • Editor-in-chief: akademik Vladimir Mihaylovich Kotlyakov
  • Impact factor (RICC): 0,629
  • Subscription index: 41519
  • Periodicity: 4
  • Russian language title: Лед и Снег

Presence in databases:

  • RSCI
  • ВАК
  • Science index


Description of the journal:

A professional academic periodical in the field of Earth glaciology and cryology. The topics span all areas of glaciology, including the study of atmospheric ice, the snow cover and avalanches, mountain glaciers and polar ice cover, marine, river, lake and underground ice, glacial mudflows, flood ice as well as past icing of the Earth and possible cooling in the future. The topics also have an applied element covering the processes of icing, snowstorms and drifts, shifts of pulsating glaciers and ice melting.