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Managing editor:

G. P. Polyakova

Editorial address:

119991, Moskva, Leninskiy prosp., 47

+7 (499) 135-53-58

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  • ISSN (print): 0453-8811
  • Year of foundation: 1960
  • Subject: Chemistry
  • Editor-in-chief: akademik Vladimir Borisovich Kazanskiy
  • Impact factor (RICC): 1,317
  • Subscription index: 70430
  • Periodicity: 6
  • Russian language title: Кинетика и катализ

Presence in databases:

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  • ВАК
  • Science index

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Description of the journal:

Founded in 1960, it is currently the only Russian periodical that publishes the results of theoretical and experimental studies in the field of homogeneous and heterogeneous kinetics and catalysis. The topics of the journal cover the mechanisms and kinetics of non-catalytic processes in the gas, liquid and solid phases, photocatalysis, quantum-chemical calculations in the field of kinetics and catalysis, preparation of catalysts, problems of their deactivation; macrokinetics and computer modeling in the field of catalysis.