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Managing editor:

N.A. Glinkina

Editorial address:

117997, Moskva, ul. Profsoyuznaya, 90, komn. 419

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  • ISSN (print): 0023-1177
  • Year of foundation: 1967
  • Subject: Chemistry
  • Editor-in-chief: chl.-korr. Albert Lvovich Lapidus
  • Impact factor (RICC): 0,82
  • Subscription index: 71052
  • Periodicity: 6
  • Russian language title: Химия твердого топлива

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Description of the journal:

The journal carries original theoretical and applied articles on chemical and physico-chemical characteristics of solid combustible minerals and solid fuels and hydrocarbon materials obtained from them, breakthrough areas in the processing of combustible fossils to obtain valuable products: high quality solid power generating fuel, components of liquid engine fuels, humous fertilizer, etc., various organic compounds of interest for the synthesis of polymer materials. It also covers the issues of possible use of combustible fossil resource components to obtain building materials, aluminum compounds, etc.