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T.A. YAkunina

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117997, Moskva, ul. Profsoyuznaya, 90, komn. 406

+ 7 (495) 276-77-25 доб. 4061

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  • ISSN (print): 0016-7940
  • Year of foundation: 1961
  • Subject: Geophysics
  • Editor-in-chief: d. f.-m. n. Vladimir Dmitrievich Kuznetsov
  • Impact factor (RICC): 1,236
  • Subscription index: 70218
  • Periodicity: 6
  • Russian language title: Геомагнетизм и аэрономия

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Description of the journal:

The journal covers a wide range of problems of Solar-Earth links: the physics of interplanetary space, cosmic rays, solar wind, interaction of solar wind with magnetic sphere; physical processes in the magnetic sphere and ionosphere, magnetic storms and substorms; physical-chemical processes in the upper and middle atmosphere, impact of solar variability and activity on the processes in the atmosphere and climate; the main geomagnetic field and its age variations; excursions and inversions, active impact on ionospheric and magnetospheric processes on the Sun.