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Editorial board:

Glavnyiy redaktor chl.-korr. YAnkovskiy N.K. Zam. gl. redaktora chl.-korr. RAN Ryiskov A.P. D.b.n. Abilev S.K. more details

Managing editor:

Elena Vladislavovna Tihomirova

Editorial address:

119991, Moskva, ul. Gubkina, 3

+7 (499) 135-50-45

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  • ISSN (print): 0016-6758
  • Year of foundation: 1965
  • Subject: Genetics
  • Editor-in-chief: chl.-korr. RAN Nikolay Kazimirovich YAnkovskiy
  • Impact factor (RICC): 1,005
  • Subscription index: 70211
  • Periodicity: 12
  • Russian language title: Генетика

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  • RSCI
  • Scopus
  • ВАК
  • Science index

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Description of the journal:

The journal publishes reviews and experimental papers in the areas of theoretical and applied genetics. It presents fundamental research on genetic processes at the molecular, cell, organism, and population levels, including problems of the conservation and rational management of genetic resources and the functional genomics, evolutionary genomics, and medical genetics.