Rotation of crustal blocks between shear zones in Lower Priamurye, according to morphostructural data

Rubric: Geology
Journal: GEOMORPHOLOGY Number: 4 Year: 2017

The Lower Priamurye geoblock (the first-rank structural element of the Amur plate) was distinguished based on the morphostructural data. This geoblock is affected by neotectonic right-lateral strike-slip displacements along northeast-striking transregional faults. Arc faults have been formed inside the geoblock due to the imposed stresses. The faults are geomorphologically expressed as a conjugate system of river valleys bordering four blocks with rounded habitus that are composed of Mesozoic-Cenozoic magmatic and folded sedimentary rocks. A vortex-like arrangement of the faults inside the blocks, and the right-lateral strike-slip displacements consistent with the direction of deformations along the northeast striking faults, indicate the counter-clockwise rotation of these blocks.
Keywords: зоны сдвигов, дуговые разломы, вращательные движения, блоки вращения.