Touristic geography as a research direction in the system of geographical sciences

The development of mass international and domestic tourism and the Internet involved the broad layers of population in the process of geographic knowing, contributing to its “geographisation”. At least a billion people in the world became the “accidental” geographers. Tourism draws in the verification processes of scientific knowledge and the constant consumption of geographic information the broad segments of population. The article discusses the challenges of spontaneous “geographisation” of population for geographical science and the understanding of a new phenomenology. The demarcation line between touristic and recreational geography is drawn. The origin and development of the touristic geography associated with the philosophical and substantive extension of the field of geographical science that fits within the paradigm of postmodernism and can be a leader of the new postdisciplinary integrative knowledge. With the emergence of touristic geography in the science, new cognitive, value-based, and educational resources arise, which must be understood and systematized.
Keywords: туристическая география, рекреационная география, Интернет, туризм, постмодерн, вернакулярные районы, ландшафт, красота, география.