Influence of the Extract from the Marine Brown Alga Sargassum pallidum (Turner) C. Agardh, 1820 on the Liver Metabolic Reactions at Experimental Toxic Hepatitis

Rubric: Biological Sciences
Journal: RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF MARINE BIOLOGY Tom: 43 Number: 6 Year: 2017

The present study explores the influence of an extract enriched with polyphenol substances obtained from the brown alga Sargassum pallidum and the effect of the commercial reference preparation "Legalon" on the biochemical indices of the blood at acute hepatic injury induced in rats with carbon tetrachloride (CTC). Administration of S. pallidum extract exhibited a pronounced antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect revealed in reduction of alanine aminotransferase (AlAT) activity in blood plasm, in normalization of superoxide dismutase activity and reduced glutathione contents, of the level of lipid peroxidation, and the liver antiradical activity. We observed recovery of lipid metabolism and elimination of liver fatty infiltration. The S. pallidum extract was as effective as the reference hepatoprotector "Legalon" and even surpassed it in its ability to recover the phospholipid metabolism. In our opinion, this hepatoprotective effect of S. pallidum extract is associated with the action of polyphenols contained in brown algae – phlorotannins, which are highly active antioxidants and recover the liver metabolic reactions after toxic hepatic injury with CTC. (Biologiya Morya, 2017, vol. 43, no. 6, pp. 00–00).
Keywords: Sargassum pallidum, четыреххлористый углерод, печень, флоротаннины, антиоксидантная система, липидный обмен, антирадикальная активность.