Trans-Pacific Partnership, Donald Trump and Latin American integration

Rubric: Continents
Journal: IBEROAMERICA Number: 9 Year: 2017

The article examines the impact of signing an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as its actual collapse on the integration processes in Latin America. The essence and content of the agreement, participation in it of three South American countries, possible consequences of its implementation are analyzed. The reaction of the Latin American states to the preparation of the agreement and to the decision of D. Trump about the withdrawal of the United States from (him?) it is explored. It is concluded that the agreement contributed to a significant increase in the authority of the Pacific Alliance (PA), the desire of most of the states of the region to join PA. In Mercosur, there have been tendencies to change the model of integration and to converge with PA, they continued to develop after the US withdrew from the TPP. The growth of protectionism in D.Trump's foreign economic policy causes an increasing interest of Latin American countries in the regional market and in the development of integration, the creation of a region-wide FTA, along with the expansion of ties with other regions of the world
Keywords: мегарегиональные соглашения, глобализация, глобальные цепоч- ки производства, региональная интеграция, Тихоокеанский альянс, Mercosur, Трамп.