Long-term Dynamics of Biological Diversity in Water Basin

The complexity of the structure of communities of living organisms can be assessed in various ways, including diversity indices. The work was used for these purposes, the Shannon index (H). In the work on the basis of a few literary materials and some of their own data, calculations were made of the rates of change of the number of species and complexity of community structure of aquatic organisms on the example of communities of macrobenthos. With this aim, the considered changes have been described by equations of the specific functions that were mathematically analyzed, suggested that in temperate climates and in the absence of a strong contamination or eutrophication of bodies of water for the formation under favorable conditions, the most complex structure (3-4 bits) of benthic animals required an average of about 12-14 years. In the already established communities of polluted water most complex structure remains fairly constant and can make these values close. To validate and Refine assumptions needed longer study (at least 20-30 years) than used in this work.
Keywords: структура сообществ макробентоса, многолетние исследования, индекс Шеннона.