Analysis of opportunities to ensure the demand of primary energy in terms of extremely cold weather in the Federal Districts of Russia

Rubric: Power Engineering
Journal: THERMAL ENGINEERING Number: 6 Year: 2017

This article analyzes the potential of providing demand of primary energy in the Federal Districts of the Russian Federation in terms of sudden extremely cold weather. The analysis was performed based on the use of specialized modeling software complex which includes a model of the main energy systems: gas supply, coal supply, oil and oil products supply, electricity and fuel supply and energy complex of Russia as a whole. The approach has allowed to comprehensive assess the possibility of satisfying customers various kinds of fuel and energy resources in the federal districts of Russia in terms of different combinations of the sudden cold spells options. The article shows that the needs of the majority of Russian federal districts in power in conditions of extremely cold weather in the short term can be achieved in full, at the same time, the potential availability of fuel oil and heat in these weather conditions in a number of federal districts is insufficient. The article shows the main causes of these manifestations of possible energy shortages.
Keywords: топливно-энергетические ресурсы, котельно-печное топливо, похолодание, обеспеченность спроса.