The parasite fauna of ecological forms of european smelt

Rubric: Biological Sciences
Journal: PARASITOLOGY Tom: 51 Number: 5 Year: 2017

Three ecological forms of smelt have been analyzed: an anadromous (marine) form from the North Sea drainage basin and two freshwater forms – smelt proper from lakes Ladoga, Onego and Pyaozero, and dwarf (lake) smelt from lakes Beloye, Vozhe and Peipus (Pskov-Chudskoye). It is demonstrated that the ecological forms of smelt feature their specific sets of parasites and the taxonomic structure of their diversity as represented by the composition of higher taxa. The greatest differences were detected between the anadromous form inhabiting waters of varying salinity and the freshwater form. These characteristics of the parasite fauna stem from smelt’s high ecological plasticity, which enables the fish to inhabit both marine and fresh waters.
Keywords: корюшка Osmerus eperlanus, экологические формы, видовой состав паразитов, структура разнообразия.