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New series of books for children

Nauka Publishers is proud to announce its new series of books for children – AkademKlass (Academic Class).



Nauka Publishers is the largest diversified scientific publishing holding company in Russia. It is a Federal State Unitary Enterprise

      Nauka Publishing House traces its modern history to 1923. However, its historical roots go back to 1727 when the Academic Printing Shop was opened. In 1728 it brought out the first volume of the Academy’s official scientific organ, “Commentary of the Imperial St.Petresburg Academy of Sciences.”
     Today Nauka is a holding specializing in the publication of scientific books and journals.

Point of view

More than this, his task is not simply mechanical: he must feel, and be guided by,a secondary inspiration. Surrendering himself to the full possession of the spirit which shall speak throughhim, he receives, also, a portion of the same creative power. Mr. Lewes reaches this conclusion: "If,therefore, we reflect what a poem Faust is, and that it contains almost every variety of style and metre, itwill be tolerably evident that no one unacquainted with the original can form an adequate idea of it fromtranslation,"[E] which is certainly correct of any translation wherein something of the rhythmical varietyand beauty of the original is not retained. That very much of the rhythmical character may be retained inEnglish, was long ago shown by Mr. Carlyle,[F] in the passages which he translated, both literally andrhythmically, from the Helena (Part Second)...